10 best Sub anime that’s a crime to watch in dub

The Endless war on how you should watch your anime is a fierce one. On one side you have anime noobs swearing that dub is great and pretentious woke YouTubers explaining why your opinion is wrong on the other side. Luckily you came across the only channel, with the correct opinion because let’s face it… I’m woke as fuck… So here’s my list of the top 10 sub anime that’s a crime to watch in dub 

10. Naruto

number 10 naruto. I will say that the dub is good with characters like pain having one of the most badass voices of all time. But what makes the difference between the two is when characters start getting emotional. When you watch these two clips you can hear where the Dub starts to completely fall apart. You can also see a big difference in characters like Sasuke


Number 9 JoJo’s bizarre adventure. The character that ruins the dub has to be Dio. I mean its bad enough the sub anime is perfection. But the dub also doesn’t show off dio’s charm or his calculated nature. However, the biggest pro of the subbed anime and the only thing you should care about is when he says… rather than…

8. Gintama

Number 8, Gintama. Shinpachi’s voice is decent in the dub but compared to the amazing job the sub voice actor did it doesn’t stand out. Most of the side characters also have bland uncharacteristic voices like isao, Toushirou, and sougo.

7. attack on titan

number 7, attack on titan. the dub isn’t bad but comparing it to the Japanese voice acting it doesn’t stand a chance. the sub portrays the emotion of the Erin perfectly. Yuki Kaji the voice actor for Eren in the Japanese version even strained his throat having to take several days off after his performance of this scene.

6. One Punch Man

Number 6, One punch man. Saitama’s Voice in dub is deeper and sounds more heroic making it feel like it doesn’t convey Saitama’s clueless carefree attitude like in the sub anime. the voice for genos is also unbearable and doesn’t fit the character in the slightest. with Tatsumaki’s voice sounding like a teen with a resting bitch face rather than a brat like in the sub.

5. Demon Slayer

Number 5, Demon Slayer. This one was close but Tanjiro’s voice has more energy in the subbed anime not to mention Zenitsu’s scream and whinging is more annoying and fits the character better. Sakonji’s voice is also more menacing and badass. The Voice actor is also known for playing sensei type characters like jirayah in naruto.

4. Hajime no Ippo

number 4, hajime no ippo. The problem with dub is that it lacks feeling in it taking away from the immersion. Kōhei Kiyasu the Japanese voice actor manages to put more excitement and feeling into ippos voice.  


Number 3, blue exorcist. The dub wasn’t even close. Rin’s voice is completely lackluster. Nobuhiko Okamoto the voice actor who plays rin in the sub fits his violent and rebellious nature much more with his aggressive voice he’s also well known for playing these types of characters like Bakugou from my hero academia. Yukio’s voice in the sub also sounds to nice and doesn’t fit his strick personality.

2. Hunter X hunter

Number 2, hunter x hunter this is a legendary anime, and only deserves the best dub however, Blue Water Studios did a terrible job on the dubbing of this show. repeatedly pronouncing names wrong and the voice actors putting minimal effort or no emotion A great example of this is in episode 126 when Netero is on the verge of death giving his epic speech to merum. in the dub his voice doesn’t sound as you would expect a dying old man to sound.

1. One Piece

number 1, one piece. This is the most sold manga in history and is the best subbed anime ever created and yet it has the worst dub ever created. Honestly, there’s so much to say about how bad this dub is for example in episode 377 Sanji sounds monotone and doesn’t sound like he’s on the verge of dying compared to the sub. Luffy is also a diaster with his scratchy ass voice That sounds like a teen’s voice crack looped infinitely.