5 Classic anime you can’t watch (Legally)

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Know that feeling when you want to watch a classic anime but you can’t remember the name? 

Multiply it by a harem and you just might know the agony of knowing the name of an anime and never being able to watch it… Unless you do some illegal shit… But then you have the possibility of going to jail and we all know what happens when you go to jail… Okay maybe I’m overreacting but you know you get the point. 

The shows on this list influenced today’s anime and never aired in the United States. This is because it never got a license and In some cases the company that had the license went bankrupt or let it expire.

When I made a video about Ashita no joe it made me curious to find out if there were other classic anime made in japan that heavily influenced today’s anime with most Americans having no idea it exists because it’s not licensed. If your looking for anime to watch this is the worst possible video you could have clicked on. So get ready for my list of the 5 legendary anime you can’t watch. 

5. Berserk

At number 5 we have berserk which might come at a surprise to most of you since its a much more well-known classic anime than most on the list. It used to be licensed in the united states with other versions still being licensed to this date. What happened was media blasters the company that had the original license for this anime never renewed because, In April 2012, media blasters were listed as dissolved by the New York Department of State Then the license expired in 2013. To this date, no one else has picked up the license. I think this is still a good anime to watch but because the anime was left unfinished no one decided to pick it up.

4. Urusei Yatsura

This anime aired from 1981 to 1986. This show is one of the most influential classic anime and manga in history with a lot if not most anime even during today’s date using some of the cliches it started. Urusei Yatsura started the whole plain male character meets a girl with powers than her and the girl he grew up with the fight over him. If you’re a long term anime watcher you know what I’m talking about. Even though a lot of people say that this type of anime is sexiest the one who started it was a female mangaka known as Rumiko Takahashi, She also made other well-known manga like Inuyasha.

Urusei Yatsura did not age that well… At all, I tried watching it and it’s pretty bad. The episodes are paced way to fast which gives it a cheap feeling and to make things worse is that it has self-contained stories meaning once you get introduced to the characters you can skip to any episode and it won’t make a difference. This makes the show repetitive. Don’t get me wrong I thought some of the parts in the anime were hilarious and I ended up laughing my ass off multiple times. But it still makes it a nightmare if you try to watch multiple episodes in one sitting.

This anime used to be licensed here in the united states like berserk but eventually, the license expired without it ever being renewed.

3. Kyojin no Hoshi

At number 3 we have Kyojin No Hoshi, It was the first sports anime to ever air in Japan. It Was also one of the most successful anime in japan with an average audience rating of 36.7 making it one of The most-watched anime of all time in Japan. Despite how popular it is there is very little knowledge of it in the united states with it not even getting an English sub illegally. I barely found this anime online at all. The only reason I found it was because I searched google in Japanese. From there you can watch it.

2. Sally The Witch

For number 2 we have Sally the witch. The oldest anime on this list. Sally the witch is known for being the first magical girl anime and creating a whole genre. Some also say it may be considered to be the first shōjo anime as well which means it was targeted towards the young female audience. Which is a pretty big deal since shonen pretty much ruled at the time with works like Astro boy and speed racer. This classic anime carved the way for anime like sailor moon. Even though this anime was extremely popular in japan it still never got licensed in the united states because of the age of the show. 

1. Ashita no joe

At number 1 we have Ashita no joe. This classic anime is also well-known in japan and despite that, the show never got license in the united states. I mean the manga was so popular that when one of the characters died A funeral service was held in an auditorium at Shonen Magazine’s headquarters with around 700 fans attending even though it was held on a Tuesday afternoon. Not even iron man had a funeral so you know the fans were dedicated.

It didn’t get a license because Ashita no joe aired in 1970 and anime was not popular in the united states during that time. In fact from 1965 to 1980 only a handful of anime was released with its goal to target the male kid audience. Since Ashita no joe was for teens it never got a chance. However, The 2nd season did get picked up in 2014 by Crunchyroll. 

For some reason, it really pisses me off that only the 2nd season got licensed and on top of that it being well-received which is weird that no one would follow up by licensing the first season. I mean no one even talked about it despite it being needed for the story to be decent at all. Since all the character development was established in the first season. I mean we get to see Joe first walk into the slums of Tokyo as a rebel teen going down the wrong path and at the end of it Joe is a motivated boxer dedicating his life to become well respected.

So that’s my list of the 5 best legendary anime you can’t watch, legally. If you enjoyed this list make sure to like the video.

This Video is about the most influential anime in history that never got licensed in the united states (or expired) with most Americans having no idea they even exist. 

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