Amazon prime anime you need to watch.

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Finding good anime can be a pain in the ass especially if you don’t have a Crunchyroll account. Luckily amazon prime has some great anime.
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Blue Exorcist

This is a great show if your new to anime. Blue Exorcist is an extremely popular anime. If your a fan of action and demons this will be a great anime to watch.


Rin Okumura is an average trouble maker who can’t hold a job, his twin brother Yukio is the complete opposite of him. He finds out they are the sons of Satan, with Rin the inheritor of Satan’s powers. Soon after he enrolls at True Cross Academy to become an exorcist.

Wotakoi: Love is hard for otaku

There is only two romance anime’s on this list. This anime was pretty good even though I’m normally not a fan of the genre.


Narumi has a dark secret. She’s an otaku! When she wakes up late for her new office job, she promises no one will find out her secret. When she goes out to drink with other office workers she blows her cover and luckily they are otaku as well.

Grand Blue

This is one of my favorite unpopular comedy anime. If you’re in college you can probably relate to the characters. If your into anime that’s funny as hell check out my list on comedy anime you haven’t watched yet.


Iori Kitahara moves in with his uncle who owns a scuba diving shop, to attend a nearby college. As he opens the door to his new great future with his uncle and college life he gets hit with a shovel in the head by reality! The scuba diving club is there and makes him engage in daily alcoholic activities.


Even though this show says its a shonen I would say its more for the seinen audience. Dororo is very violent and sad. If your not a fan of that you should probably stay away from this anime. Check out my Dororo Review.


Hyakkimaru was born without limbs, facial features, and some internal organs. This was due to a pact his father made with 12 sealed demons in order to gain wealth and power. As his mother sets him adrift in the river he gets found by a doctor who gives him prosthetics. Hyakkimaru learns that every time he kills a demon he receives a body part that was stolen from him and sets on a journey to hunt the demons.


This is the second and last romance on the list and most popular anime on the list. Its a slice of life that takes place in high school.


Ryuji Takasu is a gentle student that looks like a delinquent because of his fierce eyes. He meets Taiga Aisaka a small student who is the complete opposite of him and has the nickname “Palmtop Tiger” because of her aggressive attitude. They both find out they are friends with each other’s crush and decide to team up to help each other date them.

Welcome to The Ballroom

This is the only sports anime on this list and is probably one of my favorite. Don’t get me wrong since it’s in that genre it over exaggerates things and gets really weird at times. If your curious to find more about this anime check out my blog on Should you watch ballroom e youkoso?


Welcome to the ballroom shows the journey of Tatara Fujita, a shy middle school student. One day he sees Hanoka Shizuku a girl that he thinks is like him walk in a studio. Curious he decides to check it out. Bullies try to take his money before Sengoku Kaname the owner and competitive dancer protects him. He learns about the competitive sport of ballroom dancing and works to one day dance on the same floor Sengoku does.

Land of the lustrous

Land of the lustrous is really unique because they use CGI for the characters to get a cool crystal effect. If you’re into movies like spirited away you might like this one because of how weird it is and a somewhat similar soundtrack. I also have a review on this anime.


The story is set In the distant future and shows immortal humanoid life forms who are the embodiments of gemstones protect themselves against the Lunarians who seek to harvest their bodies for decorations. Phos (which is sort for Phosphophyllite) is among the weakest of them and seems to only cause trouble for the others.

No game no life zero

This movie is the prequel to the no game no life show. I wouldn’t recommend watching this before you watch the show, and unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have the show.


Izuna and Tet are betting their food on chess, Izuna gets upset from losing and Tet decides to tell her a story that was set 6000 years ago. In this story, humans are almost extinct because of a war between heaven and earth to become the one true god. Riku is a human trying to survive with his colony. While investigating an Elvish hideout he comes across an Ex-Machina that requests to understand the human heart. Together they come up with a plan to turn the whole world upside down.

Made in abyss

This is the highest rated anime on the list. This anime is for the seinen audience so even though it appears to be for a young audience it’s not. Some of the parts are extremely painful to watch, so if your sensitive you might want to think twice before watching this anime.


A girl named Riku lives at Belchero Orphanage in the town of Orth. The town is famous for being close to the abyss, a strange giant hole that goes deep into the earth. The Abyss harbors artifacts and remnants of a civilization long gone. The abyss is a spot for Cave Raiders that undergo dangerous descents into the pit to find whatever relics they can get their hands on.