I spent 2500 on my first studio. Here’s what I learned.

I spent $2500 on my first studio. I’ve had it for a few months. And so far I’ve learned… That I have no idea what i’m doing… Fuck… Before this studio i recorded with a webcam so i’m making this video to hopefully help other people going through a similar transition.

I’ll talk about the reason i bought the studio, the equipment i bought, and The mistakes I made.

Why i bought my studio and why i shouldn’t have

I started consistently uploading on this YouTube channel (Demo Entertainment) around 11 months ago during that time i learned a lot when it came to my quality. But something was missing. So i picked up a job at amazon in to put more money into my channel and buy a studio. I spent a around $2500. That sounds like a lot but that really isn’t that much when it comes to video equipment. I also spent a lot of that money on my PC so i could comfortably edit 4k footage.

So far after owning this equipment it really didn’t make a difference when it came to the views I got. When i first decided to upgrade i thought that having better equipment than the competition would give me more views. I now realize that i should have just focused on first making better content with what i had then upgrade with time. The job i ended up getting wasted a lot of time. I worked at amazon for 2 months. During that time i did not upload one video which hurt my channel a lot considering the month before i got the job i hit over 33,000 views. After i stopped uploading, my views dropped. Moral of the story only upgrade when your making enough money from your channel to buy the equipment.

The Equipment i bought

Even though i shouldn’t have bought this studio i did learn lot from my mistakes and video production. So my studio consists of the Godox SL-60w, Sennheiser MKE 600, zoom h5, XLR cable, Movo shock mount, SanDisk Ultra 32GB memery, Magnus VT-300 tripod, Boom stand, Heavy duty light stand, Neewer 32 inch soft-box one, bunch of cheap umbrella lights, Lexar 128GB memery card, and a Dlsr.

I got the g7 with the kit lens since its the best budget camera you can probably get on the market. Since I bought it used and was able to get 100 dollars off. A big tip is try not to buy new since its pretty much just wasting money for no reason. just make sure its in good condition. I got my zoom h5n cheaper than you can buy a new h4n just by getting A Renewed version. In total i saved around $250 by getting used equipment.

I used the rest to upgrade my PC. I’m well aware that a lot of film makers like to use macs but if your on a budget it doesn’t make sense. My current pc and monitor is worth $1278 in total and is more powerful than a $2100 Imac. Unless you have a casual $1000 extra to burn that will still get destroyed by the cheaper option its not worth it not to mention If your a gamer. It will be a pain in the ass to have a mac. If you hate pc’s use your newfound rage to buy a mac later on once you can afford it. If you can’t work with a pc’s software just download ios illegally it you want it that bad.

Mistakes I Made

I made a lot of mistakes when i bought my equipment. The first problem i ran into one was the glare i would get from my posters. The space i’m using is small. This means i don’t have flexibility when it comes to trying to find an angle where i won’t get glare and still look good.

The second was putting to much money into audio for my budget. I spent $521 on audio when i should have bought something like a TAKSTAR SGC-598 or the Rode VideoMicro and use that extra money to fix some of the problems i had. I could have bought 2 extra lights replace the glass behind me with Plexiglas for less glare and buy a lens and still have a bit extra.

The 3rd mistake i made was not investing enough in good lighting. I bought these umbrella lights which ended up giving me a headache since i didn’t realize that they weren’t strong enough to light the background. The kit lens only goes to a aperture of 3.5 which is not enough for these weak lights. So i end up having to use 3 of them to light my background. This makes it look uneven and awkward.

As creators one of the most important things we have are the equipment We use. Of course owning expensive equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get more views. And if anything my current channel is a big testament to that. However if you are upgrading your setup i hope this video helped you think more about what you might need to get for your studio.