Is Black Clover changing Studios?

Is Black Clover changing Studios?

Is black clover the victim of a bad studio? or has listening to the horrible screams of Asta finally made the studio go mad… Well, find out here.

Asta screaming black clover

Welcome to Demo Entertainment, black clovers animations have often been inconsistent with some of the worst animations  I have ever seen. Fans of the series often ask will black clover get a new studio? And Why do black clovers animations suck, both will be answered in this blog.

Will black clover change studios?

Studio Pierrot

I’m sorry to crush all the hopes of the people who want it to change. But it’s unlikely.

Shueisha (The manga publisher) doesn’t usually change studios with long-running anime. There have been only a few cases where a studio was changed without remaking it like one punch man but this was because they didn’t contract madhouse before there was a schedule conflict.

The most relatable case was with Yu-Gi-Oh! It was originally made by Toei but performed poorly in the Japanese market. They ended up canceling it and remaking it with Studio Gallop.

The biggest reason why it won’t change is because black clover was the fourth-highest grossing anime for TV Tokyo. Shueisha would have to be smoking herb to decide not to continue the show and give it to another studio.

Why black clovers animations suck

Black clover snapshot

The reason studio pierrot produced bad quality episodes was due to staff shortages, not because they are a bad studio.

Pierrots Staff Shortage

Problems started when Studio Pierrot had no in-house in-between animators after episode eight. It became so bad that the director ended up doing the in-between animations for episode 17 and 49.

They ended up having to outsource a lot of the in-betweening which produced low-quality animations. The deadlines were so harsh they ended up having to just submit unpolished work.

One of the in-house directors had to leave to direct the black clover quartet knight game cut scenes. Which meant after the end of the 2nd cour there was a lack of episode directors.

Things got even worse when the production desk quit or got fired. Then two sub-contracting studios went bankrupt within three to four months. They also had a lack of key animators and storyboard artists.

There is a reason why you barely see long-running anime shows anymore. The major pain to produce high-quality episodes for a long time is too much for most studios.


Thanks for reading. Black clover is not a bad studio and will not get switched to a different studio because of its success. Studio Pierrot had problems producing episodes because of staff shortages like lack of in-between animators.


Do you think Black Clover change studios?

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