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    the most inventive and unique deck ever made.


    Innovative Design

    This card deck has two variations of card boxes. the first is made with high-quality epoxy resin with a 3D design. The second is made with aircraft-grade aluminum thats CNC machined to be precise and have a raw material feel that will last a lifetime, Unlike the cardboard decks you’re used to seeing.


    Bold Styling

    All of the artwork used in this deck was custom made by Adam Spizak and took months to complete. It was sculpted in Zbrush and texturized and rendered in 8k using C4D. Every single card was rendered separately with different lighting. When the court cards/aces are lined up in a specific way they tell the story of the royal spades.


    In-depth Story

    Just for this deck, we spent months creating a very in-depth story giving backgrounds to each of the court card characters and considering their feelings and personalities with every decision they make. When the court cards/aces are lined up in a specific way they tell the story of the royal spades. Make sure to follow us for a short film we’ll release.





    The NFT

    Love the Royal Spades? You can check out our NFT! Every picture has a 8K resolution and was made by Adam Spizak one of the most popular 3D artists.








    Feel the Quality

    Quality never seen before in a card deck. Once you hold it, you’ll never go back.






    cards made to handle

    printed by the United States Playing Card Company with a crushed card stock, air cushion finish, and Traditionally cut.








    the depth

    The depth and quality of these cards has been never seen before. They stick out and  have the smallest of details that you’ll only be able to see holding the cards in hand.








    the spine tingling story

    This isn’t a story about loyalty and honor. It’s the exact opposite, it’s about deceit, horror, and greed.








    you’ll never be able to go back

    Each card was thought about for months thinking about the position, feel, and design. Remember you saw it here first (before other decks copy).