Should you watch ballroom e youkoso?

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Anime is great at making things you wouldn’t normally watch, fun and exciting with ballroom dancing included.

Welcome to Demo Entertainment, I was working on a blog showing off the best anime on amazon prime. I came across the ballroom e youkoso anime and got shocked at how good it was.

Dancing sports shonen anime?

Yep, you didn’t read it wrong, this anime targets the shonen audience which is young males between the age of 8 and 18. Normally an anime about dancing would sound weird to target that type of audience but since its a sports anime it pulls it off.

A common recipe for shonen anime is where the protagonist tries to reach a goal and shows the journey. Some examples of this are Naruto, Boku no hero academia, and one piece.

If your a fan of the anime I mentioned above or the sports genre there’s a high chance that you’ll like this show as well.

How’s the Quality?

The quality of this show was good and I rated it at an overall 8. I will go over some of the things that this anime did well.

Animation and Art style

The Art style reminds me of Houseki No Kuni, not in looks but in a way that if your new to the anime it looks weird. I can’t blame people because at first, their long necks will freak anyone out. The colors used in this show are very vibrant and show in the dresses the female characters wear.

For animation, I thought it was good as long as you look where they want you too. If you look away from the center of attention you can see a lack in quality, they also repeat certain clips. This can be for a bunch of reasons like tough scheduling its not too noticeable though.

Character development

Like most sports anime the character development is really good. At the start of the anime, the main character is shy and weak, as the anime progress you can see him grow as a person and dancer.

They introduce this interesting aspect of the partner relationship where the male is the lead and the female is the follow. They compare this to a painting where the male is the frame and the female is the art.


The sound of this is great and I would say is one of my favorites in anime. it has a unique soundtrack with cool varieties to pair up with different dancing styles.

They have different dances like the quickstep, tango, and waltz.
Seriously if you decide you don’t want to watch the anime at least listen to the soundtrack.


The pacing is solid in this anime. It never felt too slow or rushed. They have a good flow where you can feel the heat during competitions.

The first season is 25 episodes and the pacing was so good that I finished the series in 3 days.


Welcome to the ballroom shows the journey of Tatara Fujita, a shy middle school student. One day he sees Hanoka shizuku a girl that he thinks is like him walk in a studio. Curious he decides to check it out. Bullies try to take his money before Sengoku kaname the owner and competitive dancer protects him. He learns about the competitive sport of ballroom dancing and works to one day dance on the same floor Sengoku does.


Ballroom e youkoso is recommended anime that’s fun and unique, It targets the shonen audience. Its strongest pros are its pacing, art style, soundtrack, and character development. At first, the anime looks and sounds weird but once you start watching it you get used to it and start to enjoy it.

The biggest downside to this anime is that it’s not on Netflix or Crunchyroll. sign up for amazon prime and get a 30-day trial.