Top 10 anime you can binge-watch in a day

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Unforinitly due to certain events *Cough* we all have to stay home as much as possible and there’s nothing better than spending your time binge-watching an entire anime series in one day. So get ready for the 10 best anime you can finish in a day… PART 2! 

Also, this list is not in any particular order.

10. Bakuman

Although it looks like a slice of life it’s not… It’s a shonen where the protagonist’s goal is to become a successful mangaka and get an anime adaptation. This series is pretty addicting since it makes you want to see the protagonist accomplish his goal while they go through the harsh difficulties of creating a manga, meeting deadlines, and competing against their rivals.

9. Megalo Box

it’s based on Ashita no joe the legendary manga and anime. Unfortunately, it’s not as good as it but I consider Ashita no joe to be one of the best manga of all time so considering that… it’s still good. I would say if you’re interested in Ashita no joe but can’t get passed its outdated animation. Start with this and if you like it then work your way to the original. 

8. Cowboy Bebop

an already well-known anime which makes me feel bad for admitting I have never watched this anime before making this list. So even though it’s likely most of you have watched it. I’m putting it on this list for that one person who still hasn’t taken the time to watch it. If you like classics like ninja scroll I think you’re going to enjoy this anime.

7. Ping Pong The Animation

At first glance, this anime looks like a low budget project made in the ’90s.. But, it’s probably one of the best anime on this list. Once you start watching it you get used to its unique art style pretty quickly and from there, it becomes pretty addicting to watch. 

6. Blood Blockade Battlefront

This anime is pretty unique when it comes to its world-building. I do wish this anime expanded on certain things and put a little bit more emphasis on the main character and his development but if your looking for something thats not your average shonen this might be worth checking out. 

5. Death Parade

It’s another popular anime that I haven’t watched until I started making this video. It’s probably the most disturbing on this list as well. But something about the mystery of the show made me curious to finish it. Its a bit sad and depressing so if your not into shows like that you might want to skip this one.

4. Beastars

this anime is the weirdest on this list and I don’t take that lightly I mean. I’ve seen some shit in anime. You think I would be used to it by now, I’m not… The first episode or two feels really weird since it has CGI characters that are also animals which is definitely not seen much in today’s anime. But trust me it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for something unique and you’re tired of cliche anime. It has this unique aspect sort of similar to tokyo ghoul but with herbervore and carnavore animals.

3. K

This anime is pretty slow-paced and random at first so you have to be patient and watch at least the first 3 episodes before you deiced whether or not to abandon ship. I think it should have been way better but is still worth a try. The series is set when Japan is secretly being ruled by seven Kings of psychic clans called the Seven Clans of Color. For some reason, this anime also reminds me of Air gear so if you liked that anime you might enjoy this one.

2. Compulsive Gambler

If you have a gambling addiction look no further. The only problem I had with this anime is that it’s repetitive. with weak character development. But I still found myself binge-watching this anime. Give it a try and if you don’t like the first episode try something else. It has a pretty interesting concept where The story is set in Hyakkaou Private Academy, a high-class elite school housing the children of Japan’s most wealthy and influential people and with many future leaders and professionals among the student body. However, the student hierarchy in this school is not determined by academic performance or athletic ability, but rather by gambling 

1. A Place Further Than The Universe

At number one we have A Place Further Than The Universe. This one was recommended as a comment and was pretty good. Although if I’m being honest I thought it was going to be one of those generic slice of life anime with the all-female cast that tries to be funny and… it’s not. Once i tried watching it I found that this anime was great. If you like adventure you’ll like this show.

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So that does it for our list of the top 10 best anime you can binge-watch in a day. 

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