Top 10 demon anime religious people shouldn’t watch

People depict demons in different ways. Hollywood puts them in the horror genre, while Japanese people decided to take a different approach. By making it… fucking badass. Because unlike Hollywood they genuinely don’t give a fuck. So here’s my list on the Top 10 Demon Anime Religious People Run From.

10. Devil May Cry

Number 10, devil may cry. what do you get when you combine an overpowered protagonist with a weak antagonist? An anime that’s not good. I mean i will always question why they decided to put this wankface, shitlicker, fuck face in the anime… However, sometimes you just want to watch some demons get utterly decimated by one of the most badass main characters in anime history. I would also recommend watching this in DUB for the best experience

9. The Devil is a Part-Timer! 

number 9, the devil is a part-timer! This takes an unusual spin on the whole demon aspect by mixing Romance and comedy into it. lately, there has been A big trend of fuckbucket isekei anime, however, this reverses it by putting a demon in the human world. This anime is funnier than a barrel of fuck monkies because you get to see this demon lord struggling to live, working at the good old McDowell’s. 

8. black butler 

Number 8, Black butler. This demon anime series has a similar concept to western stories where the protagonist makes a deal with a demon for his soul. This anime starts to shine because of its comic relief, unique setting of Victoria England, and its dark and mysterious aura to wrap everything up. Now i will say that this anime is a bit unsettling because of its borderline yaoi nature. But my advice would be to just try and ignore it.

7. Ao no Exorcist

number 7, Blue Exorcist. In This anime, the protagonist is a demon and the son of satan. he enrolls in true cross academy pretending to be human to learn how to fight other demons. This brings an intriguing concept where the protagonist has to hide his identity, find out how to use his powers… And kill his father. 

6. Highschool dxd

number 6, Highschool DXD. This perveted demon anime shows how great it is by having an exceptional soundtrack and great pacing that keeps you watching. I also like how the different members of the occult club occupy different pieces of ass… I mean chess. Now if you haven’t heard of its legendary reputation of being a harem make sure you watch this by yourself with headphones.

5. Devilman cry baby

number 5, devilman crybaby. It’s a pretty gruesome anime so if you’re not comfortable with excessive gore i would recommend skipping this anime but i mean… You’re watching a video about demon anime to watch. Would did you expect? But this is the most gruesome anime on this list. Devilman crybaby is very unique with its art style and soundtrack and is worth watching if you love demon anime.

4. Dororo

number 4, Dororo. The concept of this anime is astounding. It’s about a dad who makes a pact with demons, so his village can become wealthy. sacrificing his firstborn child who gets his limbs taken away. the only way for him to reclaim his limbs is by killing the demons. I like how there’s a conflict of Hyakkimaru’s village progressively losing its wealth as he reclaims his limbs. with a recurring, theme of do the ends justify the means.

3. Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho

number 3, Yuu Yuu Hakusho. The demons in this anime are… Let’s just say… Are the biggest Cluster fuck of terrifying and evil. If your a fan of hunter x hunter you’ll enjoy this one since its made by the same creator during a time when he knew how to complete a manga. With its lovely cast of the Rat bastard the green delinquent and last but not least the blue delinquent. With this anime, The fun never ends.

2. Berserk 

number 2, berserk. Now the demons aren’t present in most episodes however there are some epic fights. the story is pretty twisted and fucked up but great so be prepared. Unfortunately, this anime is unfinished but currently, this is the best anime adaptation of berserk. Once you’re done with this you should check out the manga. 

1. Demon Slayer

number 1, demon slayer finally, the anime that makes all the others look like shit… It’s currently one of the most successful manga’s out there beating the legendary ONE PIECE in sales. The Artstyle is great and the anime has a bit of a more traditional concept where people turn into demons and you have a group of people called the demon corps eradicating them.