Top 10 Mystery Anime That Puts You ON EDGE

One thing that I love about mystery anime, is a great one will always put you on the edge of your seat. giving you that satisfying thrill not being able to stop watching until you’ve watched every last episode. So here’s my list of The Top 10 Mystery anime that puts you ON EDGE.

10. Rokka no Yuusha 

For number 10 we have Rokka No Yuusha. This anime looks like your typical shounen Until realize, that’s what they want you to think. It does a great job keeping you on the edge of your seat while they throw twists and turns your way while you try to figure out who the culprit is. 

9. Ergo Proxy

At number 9 we have Ergo Proxy. This anime is pretty much the embodiment of the mystery genre. You have Re-l Mayer who investigates a phenomenon called the Cogito Virus which gives AutoReivs or humanoid robots self-awareness. Making them go all ape shit… I mean fuck. 

if I was in one of these robots shoes and had to help these Akira looking mother fuckers all day… I’d probably go ape shit too.

8. Danganronpa: The Animation

For number 8 we have Danganronpa, where the only way for a student to escape is by murdering one of their classmates and not getting caught. What keeps you on the edge of your seat is that all the characters look innocent so it’s hard to pinpoint which one is guilty.

7. Made in Abyss 

At Number 7 we have Made In Abyss. The world-building makes you curious to find out the secrets of the abyss. You also get this feeling as Reg and Riko travel deeper into the abyss that their journey is not going to turn out as simple they make it seem at the start.

6. Erased

For number 6 we have Erased. What makes this such a great mystery anime is that you can see the protagonist, Satoru become more and more desperate as the series progresses after using his unpredictable power “revival” to travel back in time to solve the murder of his classmates.

5. The promised neverland 

At number 5 we have The Promised neverland. This anime is similar to death note. Where its a battle of wits between the protagonists Emma, norman, and ray and the antagonist isabella. What keeps you on the edge of your seat is that it always seems like the protagonists are getting outclassed needing to find creative ways to escape.

4. Steins;Gate

For number 4 We have Steins;Gate. Now you might say to me, well well well, Steins;gate isn’t a mystery youuuu dumbfuck (staccato) Which I will reply listen here you little shit. It’s Close enough. Now unlike the rest of the anime on this list, you’re going to have to invest before you become addicted it doesn’t start picking up until it hits episode 7. What makes this anime so compelling is the thought of Okabe being only one who retains his memories after every use of Dmail. While he holds the heavy burden of the truth.

3. Death note 

 Death note is one of the most popular anime ever made. What keeps people on the edge of their seats is the intense battle of wits between L and Light. What makes it so interesting is that Despite L having a deficit in knowledge of the death note he can keep up with light for an epic all out battle.

2. Attack on titan

Attack on Titan was an anime I didn’t want to watch. I thought honestly it was going to be overrated like *cough* SAO, Future diary, Fairy tale, akame ga kill, and Elfen Lied *Last loud cough* AHEM

little did I know when I started watching Attack on titan I would find myself 3 days later finishing all 59 of its episodes. -What kept me on the edge of my seat had to be because of the shocking moments that would make me want to finish the next episode to see if the problem would get resolved.

1. Monster

Monster is a great slow-paced mystery anime that has a whopping 74 episodes. it doesn’t need cheap gimmicks to keep you watching and I would say it’s on a whole ‘nother level. What kept me on the edge of my seat was seeing how Dr. Tenma would live off his choice of not being a money-grabbing piece of shit and deciding to save a young boy over the mayor. Sadly, Dr. Tenma’s choice ended up being much worse than he could’ve anticipated.

So this concludes my blog on the top 10 mystery anime that puts you on edge. Make sure to check out my other anime recommendations.