Top 10 Of The Best Dubbed Anime!

The hardcore Otaku all swear that all sub is great and dub is garbage but I say No! Dub is not only for dragon ball z scrubs! Dub can be just as good as sub. You stinking fucking weebs. But the weebs are also… sort of right too. Your journey of finding a good dub will somehow take you longer than Goku powering up and will also all be in vain since you won’t find a good dub so don’t even bother looking, ahem in fact… all you need is this channel So to make your journey’s short here’s my list of the Top 10 best-dubbed anime.

10. My Hero Academia

For number 10 we have My Hero Academia, When it comes to good dubbed anime You can’t beat this show now personally I wouldn’t say the dub is better than the sub but it’s one of the few anime where you can watch either one and still have a great experience and Remember kids with great responsibility comes a great amount of paperwork!

9. Kill La Kill

Number 9 Kill la Kill, now when I first had this anime suggested in the comments of my 10 dubbed anime that’s better than the sub I was a bit skeptical because mako’s voice in the sub is perfection, however, I was completely blown away at how good the dub voice actors were. This anime is hard to follow in the sub just because they tend to talk insanely fast while they’re fighting and just, in general, there’s a lot of motion in this anime so it’s a good idea to start with the dub so you can pay attention to its amazing animation.

8. Yu Yu Hakusho

For number 8 we have Yu Yu Hakusho This anime is one of the few on this list where the dub is a lot better than the sub because the voice for the main character doesn’t fit well in the sub unfortunately with many dub anime some of the voice acting from other characters are terrible like Kazuma and Botan’s voice in the dub annoys the hell out of me.

7. Konosuba 

Number 7 KonoSuba, this anime was also recommended to me from comments and my first impression was great… Another Reincarnation anime, probably has a bad story and low effort dub… fan-fucking-tatstic. In facto in One of the first few videos I uploaded, I made fun of Reincarnation anime. Little did I know how wrong I was. The dub in this anime is amazing. Now Am I overreacting because I suspected it to be a pile of shit and it turned out way better than I thought… Yep. But I’m going to put it on the list since overall I had a great experience watching the dub.

6. berserk 1997

For number 6 we have Berserk. Now let’s get real technically this anime is not available in the united states which I talk more about in my video about Classic anime that’s illegal to watch. So if you want to watch this anime you’re going to have to go on a website like *Cough* KissAnime *Cough* normally I wouldn’t recommend this website because it’s slowly ripping apart the anime industry but for this anime, you have no other choice just make sure you buy a like a shirt from Crunchyroll and only watch your anime from there.

5. death note

Number 5 Death Note, when it comes to light Yagami both the dub and sub are great however it’s the side characters where the dub really shines especially for the voice of L and ryuk.

4. code geass

For number 4 we have Code Geass, both the performances of Lelouch in dub and sub were amazing and I would advise to watch the dub just so you can take it all in then rewatch it in sub. However, I do think that Suzaku, Charles, and especially Lloyd have much better voices in dub but overall the sub is more solid.

3. Blood Lad

Number 3 Blood Lad, the dub version fits better since Staz the main character is a weeb who’s super obsessed with Japanese people and their culture *Cough* wonder if that reminds you of anyone? Anyways it fits his character profile better and is great at acting. However, some of the side characters are lacking.

2. air gear

For number 2 we have Air Gear which is a personal favorite of mine even though I would say that this anime is bad I still love watching it and I’m not sure why. Anyways The dub and sub voice for ikki are both great like but the difference like death note has to lie with the side characters especially when it comes to Simca, Issha, and Greg ayres inspiring performance on Onigiri.

1. black lagoon

Number 1 We have Black Lagoon. Revy has one of the most well-known voices in dub history and I can see why but rock’s voice is a bit disturbing because He shares the same voice of Light Yagami. 

it’s like the equivalent of watching the sub version of Krillin since he too shares the voice of an amazing character which would be Luffy from one piece… And for some reason, I just can’t stand the main character of my favorite anime playing the super weak character that dies every 4 episodes But anyways This is probably the best dub anime to watch.

So this concludes my blog for the Top 10 best-dubbed anime to watch.