What Went Wrong With Dororo?

Dororo was one of the most promising anime of 2019. It did not live up to the hype.

Welcome to Demo entertainment, Dororo is a well-known anime that is streamed on amazon prime. Its an adaption of an original manga made in the 1960s. The manga won an Eisner Award and was created by Osamu Tezuka, Otherwise known as the god of manga.

Dororo had a lot of problems from bad pacing to horrible character development. Don’t get me wrong though. The anime had a great start. It just had a sub-par ending.

The Problems With Pacing.

One of the biggest factors in a show is how good the pacing is.

If done right the pacing will enhance the story making viewers desperate to see what happens in the next episode. Unfortunately, Dororo suffered from its pacing giving it a lackluster experience.

The anime adaptation changed the number of demons that took from Hyakkimaru’s body. The manga had 48 demons while the anime had 12. The problem with this is that the anime had 24 episodes.

Meaning they had to slow down the pacing significantly to where Hyakkimaru would defeat a demon every 2 episodes.

The pacing tried to act like it had only 12 episodes and felt like self-contained stories with Hyakkimaru killing a demon the same episode they encountered it. This gave us 12 more episodes that should have given the story more depth but most felt like fillers. It felt like they were rushing the important parts and slowed down with the extra time.

Overall the anime would have been better if they made better use of the 24 episodes. It doesn’t feel fluid with the story being connected making a good build-up to where he would then fight the last demon.

The ending was rushed despite what felt like fillers in episode 19, most of episode 21, and 22. I mean for fuck’s sake the final demon died in 20 seconds (No Joke) They then left the remaining episode to show the future of Dororo and Hyakkimaru which was pointless…

Dororo’s Character Development Issue.

Dororo’s biggest fuck up was probably the character development. Throughout the series, we have characters randomly changing without appropriate motivation. The only decent characters being Kagemitsu Daigo and Tahoumaru.

– Hyakkimaru

For most of the series hyakkimaru was cold, even to Dororo, but randomly changed when he reunited with Jukai. The prosthetic maker on episode 17. The weirdest part was that there wasn’t motivation for his sudden change in heart. In fact, he had more reason to leave angrier┬ásince Jukai would not give new prosthetics to him. Hyakkimaru should have changed throughout the story or from Dororo but we don’t get to see this.

– Jukai (Prosthetic maker)

After we learn of Jukai’s past it makes sense why he is lifeless and depressed. This stays consistent throughout the series until he reunites with Hyakkimaru and learns of his past. This event changed him and gave him a new reason to live. Now this makes it all the more odd that we find him in the last episode where he decides to suicide for no reason, at all…

– Nuinokata (Hyakkimaru’s Mom)

The most useless character. Throughout the entire anime, she does not change at all and is torn between her two sons. We don’t get much more than that.

Things Dororo Was Great At.

Its sad that Dororo didn’t not live up to its hype. However, Dororo did a lot of things great to make it one of the most anticipated anime.

– Art Style/Animation

This was probably the first thing that made fans excited when the trailer came out. The art felt original but still resembled the manga. the art style gave it a dark gritty look that was went great with the story.

In the first few fight scene’s we get to see how great the animation was. It started to lack in the 2nd cour but was overall wasn’t too bad.

– Great Soundtrack

The one thing that stayed consistent throughout the 1st and 2nd cour was the great sound track. The opening was also well received with the 2nd being my favorite.

The Music was made by Yoshihiro IKE who is well known for his work in Saint Seiya: Legend of Sanctuary and ergo proxy. The soundtrack made the anime feel complete. It’s a bit of a shame that such a good soundtrack was wasted on this anime.


Dororo was overall a disappointment with its inconstant pacing. They made a 24 episode series feel like a 12 episode series with its disconnected self-contained stories. It also had weak character development with characters like Jukai coming to terms and deciding he wanted to live but then suicides during the last episode. Even though the anime had a lot wrong with it they did have a great art style and animation during the start.

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