Why Anime Gets Changed From The Manga

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Anime adaptations are about as faithful to the manga as krillion is to life.

welcome to Demo Entertainment, anime production is a big mystery, often people get mad at an anime adaptation and blame the studio in this blog we will go over who’s in charge of the creative aspects of an anime, and why they make the anime different from the manga.

Who’s in charge of the creative aspects of an Anime

The Director, producer and the Scriptwriter work together and are usually in charge although in some situations like with Tokyo ghoul and reincarnated as a slime the manga Writer worked with them to make the anime but there is more to the story than just that.

In a Reddit AMA, the director of Tokyo Ghoul stated that:

“it constantly felt like those ideas were being chipped away at by those above me. I tried my best, and I honestly don’t have any regrets given the movement space I was allowed.”

Yes, this means even the series director does not have that much control when it comes down to deciding what happens in the anime.

Most people assume that the director has complete control and often blame them as they did with Tokyo ghoul without knowing the full story, the production committee controls what happens in the anime.

why they make the anime different from the manga

There are a lot of different reasons why they make the anime adaptation different from the manga the most common reason is that there isn’t enough source material to continue so rather than ending it abruptly or giving it a long break for the manga to catch up the studio makes the ending for the anime like I said before some studios get help from the manga writer while others just do it themselves.

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