Why Minoru Mineta Is MUCH Stronger than you think | My Hero Academia

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Minoru Mineta, probably one of the most liked characters in class 1A. Its hard to imagine My Hero Academia without this midget pervert. Now We all know of his perverted nature but, what if I told you he’s secretly one of the strongest Characters in My hero academia.

Welcome to Demo Entertainment I’ll show you 5 reasons Grape Juice is MUCH stronger than you think. Just as a warning I will be talking and showing stuff that has not happened yet in the anime. I read 100 chapters in a day so I could make this blog. Something I would not recommend.

#1 Minoru Mineta is Really Flexable.

No, not that type of flexible I’m talking about his quirk. In chapter 214 he perfects a move that not only limits how much the enemy can move it also increases Mineta’s Movement at the same time. As he is flying through the air and bouncing off of each sphere, he can throw more Pop Off Spheres from his head onto his opponents while making it difficult to be hit back.

Since his pop-off balls don’t stick to him he instead bounces off of them to create an ultimate weapon called the Grape-Pinky Combo MINETA BOUNCE Yea sure it does require the Pink acid women to toss the courageous midget into his balls, for now. But, once he becomes stronger in due time he will be able to perfect this move by himself and when that day happens all villains will tremble before the supreme strength that is grape juice.

He is often shown using his balls in a manner of ways. during the joint training event, he stuck his balls to a shield and used it to effectively defend himself while capturing the enemy weapon at the same time. He calls it the Grape Buckler.

Pop Off Is shown time and time again that it can effectively boost Mineta’s physical attributes while also capturing enemies making it the ultimate weapon. This character is quite dangerous and would probably give all might a tough time. because How can he attack, if he can’t move…

#2 MasterMind in disguise.

Heroes in my hero academia require lots of traits to become strong. This includes courage, strength, and intelligence. However, the last one is probably the most important trait a hero can possess. Heroes to need to be able to analyze situations almost instantly to be able to capture the bad guys while minimizing casualties.

What if I told you Mineta, is a genius… In episode 34 we get to find out that Mineta scored in the top half of the class. However, what’s so surprising is that Mineta is considered a slacker by the majority of the class. With that in mind, it makes it that much more impressive. Now you might be wondering well… maybe its a fluke? and he got lucky on the test. Well, there is even more evidence that directly supports Mineta being one of the smartest characters.

Mineta Minoru’s stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book which can be found on the wiki shows us that his intelligence is indeed the highlight of his strength. It actually shows that Mineta is one of The smartest people in class 1A teachers included. Only two people exceed his intelligence which is momo and all might and the crazy part is they only barely surpass him.

#3 Single-handedly took down miss midnight

So the 3rd reason why Grape juice is much stronger than you think is because During the final exam he showed superiority by single-handedly taking down Mrs midnight. Which the medical old women said to be one of the toughest opponents in the final exam. Not to mention that she counters grape juice. By appealing to his lust.

Unfortunately for Mrs midnight, He was able to fool her by appealing to her sadistic side by Running and screaming away to lure her into a trap. At the end of it all, she was the one who submitted to Minoru Mineta’s balls.

#4 Trained under the Number 23 Ranked Hero, Mount Lady

Mineta got offered 40 different places to work. He chose to work with mount lady, One of the fasted ranking heroes on the billboard. So far there is not much known about what he learned. However, after he showed increased knowledge of his quirk during the joint training event.

#5 unorthodox strategies

The last reason why Minoru Mineta is much stronger than you think is that he often tricks his opponents with his unorthodox strategies. He also doesn’t look strong… at all which he will also use to his advantage like in the final exam. Mineta Minoru has high intelligence but very low common sense which can be seen as a huge plus. Since he doesn’t think like the average joe he can easily confuse the hell out of them with his sticky balls.